Book Rant: Being Judgey

I was minding my business, reading my Feedly. When all of a sudden this article from GalleyCat popped up, Buzzfeed Post Provokes Reader Rage. It got me thinking…

Do you judge a book by its cover? Buzzfeed does. In the inane original article, 28 ’”Favorite” Books That Are Huge Red Flags, Joseph Bernstein writes about what a persons favorite book says about them. He also acts as if books such as The Giver are only for children which is rage inducing enough. Horrible conclusion jumping aside, I really do not think our favorite books say much about us. Mainly because most people have eclectic tastes. I can use myself as an example I like:

  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Chick Lit
  • Adult Fiction
  • Non-Fiction (Specifically current events, politics, and economics)
  • Fitness
  • Running

Please tell me, what does that say about me?

Maybe that I am a political junkie that likes books about teens and is really into working out?

I love to read popular fiction, never miss a Dan Brown book, but I also enjoy more serious “literature”. So what. Books are books. We should encourage people to read, not shame them because their tastes aren’t as highbrow as we think they should be. Reading should be fun, not something we do to impress other people or to be cool. So let your freak flag fly and read those Middle Grade books if that’s what you like. Ignore anyone who is rude enough to give you the side eye for making a beeline to the Young Adult section of the book store when you are past the age of 30. Who cares, this is supposed to be fun. 



  1. I am over 30 needless to say, and I don’t read many adult books. I read YA, NA and some MG too. It doesn’t bother me going into a B&N and heading straight to the YA section. 🙂
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    • It shouldn’t. Reading is a hobby and should be one you enjoy. If that includes reading books about vampires or sustainable living, I say choose what interest you most.

  2. I read that post too and thought it was ridiculous. It said something insulting about adults who love Harry Potter as well. What-eva (sassy teen girl voice with hand gesture included) I’m pretty eclectic too. Harry Potter shares my favorites shelf with The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Lady in the Tower by Jean Plaidy, and some bodice rippery delicacies by Bertrice Small. If you deduce by those books that I’m eccentric, indecisive and a little bit kooky, then maybe our books do say something about us…. But still, you shouldn’t judge!
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    • Great point! I agree that our choices in books do say something about us but what that is, is much more difficult to pinpoint. Many people who read, read books from lots of genres. Plus, we really should be applauding people for reading. Reading anything because so many people just don’t.

      Funnily enough, my own copy of The Mists Of Avalon is shelved quite closely to my Harry Potter Books.

  3. I am forty *cough* something, mother of three young adults and read every genre, like you I find things in YA. NA, and adult that I enjoy and read everything from historical romance to horror. I read that article and thought it was an attempt at satire.. maybe I am wrong. I am all of those books, and I am so much more.
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    • I think if you like to read, you like to read books that are entertaining. It is just so unnecessary to judge anyone based on those choices. Trust me, if I did I would not be married to my husband who reads a lot of science fiction which is really just not my bag.

  4. Reading of any kind should be encouraged, not discouraged. The only time I tend to judge is when someone doesn’t read.

    Of course a post like that makes me just think this person is looking for attention and drama, is looking for outrage, pageviews and hits. Maybe the article author needed something to get readers’ attention. It did. With over 690,000 pageviews, I guess his job isn’t at risk.

    It’s akin to someone creating a blog post titled “books only idiots would love,” then naming the most popular books with fans galore. And it seems from his post he picked books that would insult any reader, with at least one book guaranteed to have been read by any reader that stumbles upon the post.

    It’s easy for someone to come up with a post that insults for the sake of attention-grabbing. That’s what it appears like, to me. Snark without any real basis. I got bored of his inane chatter mid-way through.

    Oh and I’d like to check out his bookshelves.
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    • I completely agree that the post was written to get page views. Obviously, the fact that it irritated me enough to post about it must mean it worked.

      Great point about checking his book shelves, I am sure they are filled with only the best literature. Not one book that he liked because it was funny or was a favorite as a child.

  5. I couldn’t agree more! I purposefully do NOT share my blog and bookshelves with my “professional” associates because I got so sick and tired of the judging. Yes I’m a History PhD student. No, that doesn’t mean everything I read has to be super sophisticated – I love urban fantasy, paranormal romance, young adult, new adult, erotica, and classics If that says anything about me, maybe it’s that I’m schizophrenic? I could get on this rant with you! LOL great blog 🙂

    • Ha, based on many of the responses, a lot of us are all over the place in which genres we read.

      I can completely relate to the judgement, I went to a music conservatory for Undergrad. Of course studying classical music means we all enjoy classical music but it’s OK to listen to popular music. Especially when you are a 19 year-old college student. People really need to lighten up.

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