The Death Cure By James Dashner

The Death Cure by James Dashner

The third book in a trilogy can be tricky. There can be great anticipation amongst readers for the right conclusion. The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials left readers with more questions than answers. I had high hopes that at least most of my questions would be answered. Some of them being:

Why were they put in the Maze?

Is WICKED good?

How are they able to find a cure by these trials?

What characters are good or bad?

Who can we trust?

The Death Cure, like other books in the series, was exciting throughout with excellent pacing. James Dashner writes with a slow, thudding urgency. It makes putting his books down difficult. (Luckily, all the books in this series are quick reads, so plan on setting aside a chunk of time to plow through them.)

What I Loved About The Death Cure


  • Not afraid to kill of main characters
  • Ending not wrapped up in a neat little bow
  • This is not a good versus evil story but rather filled with shades of grey
  • A main character that we really never get to know

The greatest part of this series as a whole is that it does need feel the need to have an epic romance, it does not condescend to its readers, and it is not afraid to use an escalating level of violence where it makes sense in the story. The Maze Runner Series is really some of the best among a crowded field of dystopian young adult fiction.

I highly recommend The Death Cure by James Dashner and look forward to reading his other works.

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