Book Rant: Being Judgey

I was minding my business, reading my Feedly. When all of a sudden this article from GalleyCat popped up, Buzzfeed Post Provokes Reader Rage. It got me thinking…

Do you judge a book by its cover? Buzzfeed does. In the inane original article, 28 ’”Favorite” Books That Are Huge Red Flags, Joseph Bernstein writes about what a persons favorite book says about them. He also acts as if books such as The Giver are only for children which is rage inducing enough. Horrible conclusion jumping aside, I really do not think our favorite books say much about us. Mainly because most people have eclectic tastes. I can use myself as an example I like:

  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Chick Lit
  • Adult Fiction
  • Non-Fiction (Specifically current events, politics, and economics)
  • Fitness
  • Running

Please tell me, what does that say about me?

Maybe that I am a political junkie that likes books about teens and is really into working out?

I love to read popular fiction, never miss a Dan Brown book, but I also enjoy more serious “literature”. So what. Books are books. We should encourage people to read, not shame them because their tastes aren’t as highbrow as we think they should be. Reading should be fun, not something we do to impress other people or to be cool. So let your freak flag fly and read those Middle Grade books if that’s what you like. Ignore anyone who is rude enough to give you the side eye for making a beeline to the Young Adult section of the book store when you are past the age of 30. Who cares, this is supposed to be fun.